June 10, 2020

Hey y’all!

Lockdown gave us plenty of time to think things through, and there are several major changes we’ve implemented.


New website

We’ve launched a new (and hopefully the final) website! This is the 5th iteration, and has a few new features. The Updates section (this one) will shorten emails we send out. Memories page will help relive the experiences and document progress and changes made over time. Race Calendar is less cluttered. Race page is more comprehensive. Tons of photos added. And let’s admit – the website looks rather sexy.


The New Normal and New Dates

We will be following government directives and health protocols strictly in resuming the Series. The next tentative date is January 16th, 2021, but this is subject to change if public gatherings are not formally allowed by that point. Depending on the situation, it can also be preponed, should things get better sooner, but most importantly – without violating government policies or compromising safety of our runners. All the dates are in the air, as is coronavirus. Stay safe and wear a mask!


50+ Category

40 and above category has been broken down to 40 to 49, and 50+. Time to show them kids who the boss of the trails is.


Little Troopers age changed to 18 and below

Now all kids below 18 years old will get a Little Trooper medal. 18 below will also get special entry fees: Rs. 500 for any distance by regular deadline (see Deadline Format section for details). 15K is not open for kids below 11.


Deadline Format

We are changing the single deadline to three types: Regular Deadline (till Wednesday evening), Rolling Deadline (till Friday evening) and Walk-in (race morning). Please note that prices are different for each type, and you get the best deal with Regular Deadline. We highly discourage walk-ins as this causes admin insanity and delay in race start.


Same entry fees for International and Nepali participants

International and Nepali participants will now pay the same amount. The previous price difference was based on the notion that many local Nepali runners will be sponsored. But on principal grounds and to promote equality, we are scrapping discriminatory pricing. We are happy to forward your previous entry fees (the extra amount you paid) for future races if you so please – email us at run@ktmseries.com to sort it out. Additionally, we are also changing the nature of our support to the local running community. See Blitz section.


Blitz – the evil twin of KTM Series

We are eager to share our love for trails with the local running community by making Blitz accessible for all, while also serving a strategic purpose for KTM Series.

Blitz has prize money, which though a modest amount, would motivate local runners. The prize money makes Blitz more competitive than KTM Series. Most of the information will be on Facebook and posters will be in Nepali as well. Registration is exclusively walk-in. Blitz will have a single distance of 20K and will help identify more start locations around the valley for KTM Series. Every Blitz race will be ad hoc, announced two to three weeks in advance.

We want to help the local runners grow and we understand the entry fees might be out of budget for many. We are therefore waiving entry fees for all runners in this position. Sticking to our principles of equality elaborated in the previous section, we are taking a blanket approach and making entry fees optional for everyone for Blitz. Further, you can pay what you want: Rs. 0, 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000. We promise not to make a funny face or give a funny look if you don’t choose to pay. No questions asked. (KTM Series will cover any budget Blitz falls short of.)

Long story short: Free entries for local runners is discontinued for KTM Series. Instead, Blitz is now free for everyone. You can pay if you want.


Trail Marking

With more hikers showing up, we want to make the trails easier to follow. Trail markings will be more dense, with ribbons every 20 to 30m, and confusing turnings will be marked with sprays and ribbons.


Phew! Did you enjoy our rambles? We miss the Series and hope we can see you all panting across the finish line very soon!


– KTM Series team