Sponsorship in the series will allow us to invest in equipment for all races rather than one. Reusable, durable banners for the race and for sponsors, portable registration tables, fixable route marking signs and markers.

The series will dovetail into existing races, to support other race organisers and other locations, and not to overlap and compete.

The races will aim to encourage contact with nature, face challenge, and give a platform for talent.

The race series will have to be lean, to stretch limited resources along the year. The usual heavy focus on prizes for the winners will have to be diluted to provide the best experience possible for all competitors – for the 99% not the 1% of winners.

From a sponsor’s point of view, being a series means exposure is carried throughout the year – post race results reporting and social media activity followed closely by pre-race build up.

Access to all

Many who are keen to run and compete don’t have access to cash. They may be studying, or only making ends meet. We need to give these boys and girls a chance. We currently have over 90 such young runners allowed free pass by the race. Their entry will be subsidised through higher fees for working, middle class and foreign runners.


We are currently looking for a title sponsor for each of the 4 types of races we have.

  • Name given to the series, ie. [Your Name] KTM Series or [Your Name] Blitz, etc
  • Logo prominent on all banners
  • Send designated representative to start the race and present awards
  • Logo on race photos that we post to social media


  • Monthly running races of 15Km, 7Km and 3Km distances.
  • To be held in the Kathmandu Valley in green places outside the ring road, on foot trails and quiet jeep tracks away from pitch roads and traffic.
  • Races will be accessible by public transport (plus a short walk).

Sponsorship Schemes

We have designed various sponsorship schemes, as detailed below. We can adjust the features depending on your marketing requirements.

Taking the next race (Sponsor a Race) as example –

Note For individual races For individual races For individual races For individual races
Sponsorship Amount Rs. 1,00,000
(USD 870)
Rs. 40,000
(USD 350)
Rs. 7,000
(USD 130)
Rs. 5,000 or equivalent in-kind
(USD 220)
Event Branding Sponsor a Race Brought to you by [Your Name] Sponsor a Race Sponsored by [Your Name] Sponsor a Race Co-Sponsored by [Your Name]
Brand Visibility
Website, t-shirt, race banner, flyer, media releases, social media, ATL/BTL
Priority General Secondary Mention of company and product on race webpage
Max # Sponsors in this category One Five Multiple Multiple
Banner placement in venues Large banners prominently displayed at the event venue and trails Medium banners displayed at the event venue and trails Small banners displayed at the event venue and race trails Banner at stall
Product / Promo Booth and size Yes (6m x 6m) Yes (4m x 4m) No Yes (4m x 4m)
Podium Backdrop Yes Yes No No
Logo sequence in Race Videos and Photos Second Third End

Food Stall at KTM Series

The number of participants in our races is increasing every month. We routinely have around 350 participants from all backgrounds, nationalities, income brackets, professions and so forth. More than half are expats.

You are able to set up a food or product stall at the race at a stall charge of Rs. 5,000 per race. You are able to sell your products at the race venue, but more importantly can market your product directly to clients and build customer relation and trust. We give you shoutouts during the event, and the stalls will be prominently placed at the venue. The event typically lasts for 4 hours, between 8am to 12pm. Please bring your own table and chairs.

Please note that we do not allow religious, political, adult-themed, alcoholic or controversial products, items or services. We’re all a bunch of fun-loving runners and like to steer clear from any of the above. We can’t have alcohol because a third of the participants are minors. In order to allow for maximum sales possible, we do not have redundant food products, i.e. sandwich/burger, Newari (bara and sekuwa), bakery stalls are already taken, so you can go for other items like momos, etc. Only ready-to-consume food stalls are permitted.

If you would like to set up a stall in our races, please feel free to send us an email or message us on WhatsApp.